Thursday 12 March 2015

Thursday Taster: Slave - Preorder for only $0.99

Welcome to Thursday Tasters, where my wonderful comrades and I post excerpts from Works in Progress and published works. I have featured Slave on Thursdays past and I am happy to share that it releases officially on Sunday the 15th. Please take advantage of this opportunity to buy it and the original Blue Moon House for only $0.99. You can also sample the other excerpts I have posted here.
Now, one more taste of Slave:

“So soft,” she murmured, stroking him gently. She’d removed her gloves and her hands were just as soft as Will had imagined. He had stroked himself, but that didn’t prepare him for someone else touching him.
Nothing prepared him for her lips wrapping around his head. He shuddered at the sensation, his head tipping back. When he looked down at the long curls, he felt disappointed. He wanted Bart there.
“Not too much, Martha. I have plans for that.” Bart poured oil into his hand. “And you know you want to watch this.”
Bart bent over the seat of one of the chairs, exposing his ass. His oily hand ran between the cheeks, spreading the glossy liquid. He shoved one finger in, leaving no doubt as to what he wanted.
Martha stopped sucking, releasing Will with a pop. Her tongue lapped his tip once before she rose. “Let me anoint you,” she said, grabbing the crystal decanter. She poured oil over his length, using her hand to smooth it. Will sucked breath through his teeth at how her fingers slid over him. “Are you sure you’re ready for this, Bartholomew? I’d be intimidated.”
Bart scoffed. “He’s not your first black cock.”
“Oh, he is yours? Pardon me,” she said stepping away from Will to take a seat in the chair facing the one Bart bent over, where she could watch.
Will turned to Bart, not entirely sure how to do what he had planned. He took hold of Bart’s hips and tilted his own until he was pointed at the puckered hole. He pushed forward...and nothing happened. It felt like he was trying to press himself into a short length, like he was bending. Will grunted at the discomfort.
Bart groaned and everything changed. Instead of pressed, Will was being drawn in, as though Bart’s hole were pulling him. He slid so easily.
He was being pressed again, but now it was around, as though the hole weren’t made for his thickness. The sounds Bart made assured him it wasn’t painful.
“Yes, Will,” Martha said, breathless. “Fuck him. You look amazing like that.”
Will didn’t turn his head to look at the woman, but he obeyed. He pulled back through the smooth, tight tunnel only to push forward again.
He sank deeper this time and the sensations around him changed subtly. He’d passed some point inside Bart.
“Yes, fuck, so good.” Bart’s hips began to rock and twist. “You’ve got me hard again.”
Will reached around to find that was the case. He stroked Bart in time with his thrusts.
Martha let out a string of raspy curses Will barely noticed in his euphoria. He thought he worshiped the cock, but this, the sensation, it was so much more.
His balls tightened and he knew the moment had come. This would be the most satisfying ejaculation of his life.

Please consider ordering a copy of Slave. And be sure to check out all the great samples from the Thursday Tasters.