Friday, 20 March 2015

Flasher Fiction Friday - Storm

The tiny boat rocked precariously, threatening to dump its precious cargo overboard.
“Hold fast!” Argus yelled, his hand hard on the rudder, desperately trying to steer their way across the waves. Each crest seemed impossible higher than the last.
A bright flash frightened Siobhan, who clung more tightly to her treasure. It was solid black after, leaving a bright pink afterglow in her vision. Blinking, she made out a shape as well.
“There, Argus. Did you see it? To port.”
He groaned and another flash revealed the strain on his face but they were safely at the castle.

“Shush, Stephan.”

That's just my take on this lovely picture. There are many more on the blog.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Sorry about the deletion. I'd posted the wrong thing. Now, for you - This sounds like the beginning of an epic novel, Angelica! You should continue the story. Got me hooked already :-) Is this a WIP?

  3. Another great display of your story telling in very few words. But how did they make it to the castle during the storm and treacherous seas?

  4. So much more that leads up to this intense story. Must write more about this. Awesome use of words and so much more. Definitely have me hooked. Awesome flash.


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