Friday 13 March 2015

Flasher Fiction Friday - Murder

This Friday, I opted to write a snippet from the story I started the first month I wrote for Flasher Fiction Friday. That month, I wove the pictures together into a story about a world where the genders remained separate and only came together for procreation. You can find those clips here, here, here and here.

Mourning was a heavy and black cloak around Lara's shoulders. She had lost that which she had loved most, even when she hadn’t known it. She had thought her love was the woman with whom she wove great magic, grew beautiful things, but it was a man that grew the thing she loved most, a man who planted a seed in her, a man who created the being she couldn’t live without.
Now that life was gone.

Letting her despair fly from her with a murder of crows, she had murder on her mind. He would pay for her pain.

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