Friday 7 July 2017

Lydia Sherrer ~ Accidental Witch ~ One of 20+ stories in Creatures #paranormal #romance #boxedset #99cents

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My favorite mythical creature to write about are the fae, faries, fey, or whatever you want to call them. They're a fascinating subject because they have such versatility in how they can be portrayed, from their physical description to their personalities, their culture, even their world. We have a rich lore and mythology to draw from, and yet you can even make the fae into a completely different creature that has nothing to do with myth. They are extremely versatile and ripe with possibilities, like the elven and dwarven races, yet better. The fae are the very source of magic and all that is wondrous and beautiful in the world, so you could do anything from humanoid fae, to shifters, to anthropomorphic, or full fae animals, or even fae plants and trees (think I AM GROOT). I am always excited at the potential to create beautiful, yet terrible things with the fae, an inspiration I've had eve since I saw Cameron's "Avatar" and the world they created on Pandora. I am also a lover of plants, nature, and the outdoors, so I guess it was inevitable that I'd gravitate toward the creature that has an affinity for such things. And, yes, my favorite movie as a kid was definitely Fern Gully (don't judge). But in my book series, the Lily Singer Adventures, I have a ton of fun exploring the fae and fae culture from a unique perspective, not as cute little bobs flitting around, or even as a vindictive race of humanoids just waiting for mankind to let their guard down to swoop in and conquer. My fae are stewards of the earth, a disinterested party, shall we say, in the larger struggle playing out between man and demon. It's a fun take on fae purpose and culture and I'm only 4 books into a 12 book series, so there's much more fun to come. What's interesting though, is that the book I've written for the "Creatures" box set, is a spin-off origin story of one of the characters from before he ever met the fae. But it's alright, I have enough fun with a ghost and some tricksy demons that there's creatures enough to keep you occupied. Enjoy! Lydia Sherrer is the Author of Accidental Witch (Dark Roads Trilogy, Book 1).

You can find out more about Lydia here.

"I never meant to become a witch. But when those you love die, logic and reason usually die with them." Sebastian Blackwell is your typical high-school popular kid. At least, he used to be. But after his parents are killed in a freak accident, he goes from cool kid to orphan outcast before the dirt even settles over their grave. Now a shell of his former self, Sebastian realizes with soul-wrenching clarity what really matters in life, and is determined to get it back, no matter the cost. But to do it, he’ll to delve into his family’s darkest secrets, secrets his parents tried to protect him from all his life. With a ghost his only friend, a goth girl his only ally, and a demon prince his only chance, Sebastian sets out on a desperate path of redemption that, knowing his luck, is just as likely to damn him as save him. But as long as he gets his parents back, he doesn’t care. For fans of paranormal series like Supernatural and the Dresden Files, this tale of loss and the struggle for redemption will keep you on the edge of your seat. So be careful. You wouldn't want to fall off.

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