Wednesday 26 July 2017

#MidWeekTease more from Swan Lake

I want to thank all you teasers for coming by my blog last week. In a rut, getting some boosts from my friends really hit the spot. This week, I'm out of town so I'll probably be a bit late getting to yours, but hopefully by the weekend. *fingers crossed*

Until then, here's another excerpt from Swan Lake, something a little spicier. If you remember Anna, her is her and Vlad for you:

A roar came from the bedroom, followed by feminine squeals.
“To hell with them.” He planted his lips on Anna, sliding his hands around her waist, under her plump rear. He squeezed and relished the quick squeak that resulted.
“You, Vlad, can distract me any time.” More noise came from the other couple. “Now would be perfect, actually.”
Warmth filled his belly and blood rushed lower, first at the welcome he received and then the feel of the soft woman in her arms. He chuckled and nuzzled her ear, sucking down her neck. “As you wish.”
The closeness increased as his hand slid up her ribs to cup her breast. Fingers splayed, he couldn’t quite cover it, but with a little shifting, tugging, he pulled her dress down until her nipple popped free. His was enjoying her neck too much to jump over to it, rolling it between his thumb and finger instead. He nipped and sucked along her jaw, kissed her cheek and was about to claim her lips again when she stopped him.
“I don’t know what to do.” Her hands had wandered from his neck to his chest, and back to his shoulders. Though perhaps not as intimate as his fondling, it still had him breathing heavily.
“You are doing fine.” His lips brushed against hers as he spoke. He couldn’t ask her to reach into his pants, not after her last declaration, but he did want her to touch him more. “You might lift my shirt.” Rather than allow her to argue, he seized her lips, drawing her into a deep kiss. His tongue slipped out sweeping until her mouth opened to him. Plunging in, he squeezed her bottom, still in one hand and pinched her nipple in the other. Her shriek made his blood boil.
After a few moments, she acted on his suggestion. Tugging, she pulled the fabric free and ran her fingers over his skin, through his chest hair. Her nails scratched lightly, leaving fire in their wake.
She lifted her hips out of his hand. He worried a moment, but then she tried to rub herself on him. He could think of nothing he wanted so badly. Putting more heat into his kisses, he probed her mouth, sucked her lip up between his teeth until her tongue fought his, putting her own heat into their efforts.
“More?” he asked, shifting his hand from her breast to her hip, bunching up her skirt. It was thin, though not filmy. It was simple to gather it.
“Yes, yes please.”