Wednesday 5 July 2017

#MidWeekTease Swan Lake continues

Here's another snippet from my Swan Lake retelling. This is from one of many sections that I have written in alternate endings, so it may not make it to the final draft in this form, but it was so much fun to write.
I'm also included in the boxed set, Cimmerian Shade and we have a release party running from now until the release. If you're interested, you can sign up for a day here:

"So why now?" Vlad asked, taking his seat again. "Why come back now."
"Odette. She's...she's in love with Siegfried again. The younger."
Vlad gave a wry laugh and shook his head. "So she is willing to spend her life with him but you couldn't come back to me."
Anna shook her head. "That's not it. She doesn't plan to stay. We are just visiting and then will be back on our way, alone." Looking up, she met Vlad's gaze.
"You don't have to be alone."
"Of course I will. Who else changes like this? I'll never be like anyone else. That makes me different, singular, alone." She covered her eyes with a hand. "When I saw where we were, I should have just flown away. Vlad, I came to visit my parents, let them know that I was alive and well, even though I couldn't come home. I never meant for you to see me.”
“You didn’t want to see me?” he interrupted. “Well, I should go.” He threw his napkin atop his unfinished meal and stood.
Anna lost the temper she’d been clinging onto. “Of course, I did! For years, I’ve wanted nothing more. Every summer, I thought, ‘I can spend it on his lake,' but you would have shot me and sent a dog for my carcass.” Anna surged to her feet. “You have no idea how hard it has been, knowing exactly where you are and not able to be with you.”
“At least you knew where I was.” His anger cooled. “God, Anna, I’ve worried for you, mourned you. We thought you were dead. You let your parents think you were dead.”
She sank into the chair. “I thought that best.”

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