Friday 10 August 2012

Day 10 #blogflash2012 - Success: Once Bitten

Two full round hemispheres. The outline forms the symbol for infinity, exactly as long as I'd like to savour those cheeks. She smells amazing, something in the blood, warm and spicy, that drives me onward. I must taste her, must sink in and relish her. She is bent over, making her derriere that much more prominent. Eager, I swoop in, settling for the feast. With that first sip, I am drunk, unable to think of moving, only wanting more.

Abruptly, I am rejected, slapped away. Heartbroken, I fall to the ground, my breath shuttering to a stop.

"Fucking mosquitos!"

Just a quick little piece as I fly in for When Words Collide. If you are wondering where in the heck that came from, you need know only two things: I work surrounded by mosquitoes and black flies, and my husband hates the vampire trope. This is for him.

How does it relate to success? Well the mosquito got what it aimed for, right?