Thursday 23 August 2012

Day 23 #blogflash2012 - Cooking

I touched on this very briefly in my last post. Cooking while camping is a little more complicated and time consuming than cooking at home. That said, I've never been afraid to make something on a camp stove that I make at home. I just find it more fun to have specific specials for campsites. Here are a few of the favourites:

Green onion cake
Yes, I could make this at home, but there's something about the smoke that make it even better when camping. I make a biscuit style dough, add some green onions and fry it up. Delish. (note: no real recipe. Flour, water, a touch of baking powder and salt, oil in the pan and green onions)

Everyone knows s'mores can only be made when camping. The only twist I have is using the really good 80% dark chocolate. Mmmm

Yeah, I make this at home in the winter, but in the summer, when you wake up after a rather cool night, it's great for warming you up. Plus it doesn't require milk, which will spoil when you don't have a fridge.

Trail Mix
I don't make my own (I could and should, but that would be done at home prior to camping anyway). We don't buy it much during the rest of the year, but take it for our hiking snack. Great for tossing back while walking.

There are a few of the obvious. Corn on the cob comes to mind. Lots of fresh fruit is a must. When I get back, I will have no doubt made and thought of others. I'll let you know. However, I am now indulging in a real shower in a hotel room. One can only camp so long, especially when one must prepare for a wedding on the weekend!