Saturday 4 August 2012

Day 4 #BlogFlash2012 - Busy

Busy. That's August. I am currently enjoying a visit from my Dad that will end with a long weekend and him stealing my daughter away for a week with my sister. The plan had been for my husband and I to have some after work evenings to share alone, but my day job threw a curve ball. Here's my schedule for August:

7th - Leave for airport at 5:15 to arrive in Fort McMurray
8&9th - Work outdoors in sun, heat, bugs and possible thundershowers.
10th - Fly to Calgary for When Words Collide (I'll be appearing under my real name, Kimberly Gould). Arrive at 10:30 for a con starting at noon and be on a panel at 5.
11&12th - Participate in When Words Collide, including volunteering and panels both days. Be picked up by beautiful, wonderful, accomomdating husband to drive myself and our daughter home. Sleep in my own bed.
13th - Go into the office at 8am to drive to Fort McMurray (we need different tools, so, truck).
14-16th - Work in Fort McMurray amid sun, bugs... yadayadayada.
17th - Drive home from Fort McMurray to wondrous welcome from accommodating husband and daughter. Sleep in my own bed.
18th - Pack camping supplies and drive to Grande Prairie for camping week! Yes, I planned this before my summer went completely to hell, and it's the ONLY week we have for camping, so we're going, dammit.
19-24th - Camp, swim, visit relatives, move to hotel, wash properly for wedding.
25th - Attend accommodating husband's cousin's wedding.
26th - drive home. Sleep in my own bed.
27th - Go into the office at 8 am to drive to Fort McMurray (no I'm NOT kidding you. We went from one week in the Fort in August to THREE).
28-31st - Work in Fort McMurray amid...

September 1 - Die and go to Nirvana where I will never be this booked again. Oh, and sleep in my own bed.

That's me and busy. Then what did I do?? I decided I should participate in the #BlogFlash2012 !!! Someone check my sanity, please.