Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Day 8 #blogflash2012 - Relaxing

So I get to my hotel room tonight and think, "I should check my blog schedule. Make sure I'm set for this week." Hmm, number eight is missing.... What is day 8? Relaxing?! No wonder I didn't write anything for this!! Well, I'm going to rewind a day or two and tell about the last bit of relaxing I did.

My thoughtful and considerate husband and I were alone from Sunday afternoon until rather late Monday. It's a long weekend here in Alberta, and we were enjoying it together. We went window shopping. We ate out at a fine restaurant. We also watched a raunchy comedy courtesy of Netflix. Oh, and I won't tell you about all the awesome sex. Just that there was, it was awesome, and well, I'll be remember that part of the weekend for a long time to come.

I know, I'm an erotic author, I should tell you in lurid detail. But well, I've also told you my real name in the last few posts, so I'm slightly skittish. Good parts version: We worked our way through our collection of toys. We have a decent collection!

Okay, enough TMI. Relaxing. The only way to do it, which we did, is to plan NOTHING. We had a start point, we had an end point, and in between we knew we would have to feed ourselves. That was it. We woke when we wanted. We went out when we wanted. We went to bed when we wanted. We jumped each other when we wanted. It was ideal. It was the best thirty hours I've had in a long time. I hope our camping in two weeks is half as relaxing as August 5/6 was.