Monday 13 August 2012

Day 12&13 #blogflash2012 - Celebration and Forest

I'm on my way to a forest right now. In fact, as you read this, I may be driving through a forest, or picking berries from the forest floor, or standing on a reclaimed site where a forest is being born. Living in northern Alberta makes forests a common sight. My favourite, however, has to be my urban forest. Looking down on Edmonton from the top of a high rise, you see all the roofs and chimneys peeping out from between trees that seem to close the entire city under a canopy. It turns golden and red in the fall and bright green in the spring with deep, dark evergreen patches year round.

Compare it to our rival city Calgary and you'll see why the forest is the most beautiful part of my home. I hope, if you ever come to Canada, you not only visit our mountains and prairies, but also come see the forest, where I live.

As far as Celebrating, that's me recovering from When Words Collide. I sold nothing except myself, but I believe I sold myself very well. I think I portrayed myself as knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, and generally as someone to get to know. I am celebrating all the new people I met (Jessica and Constantine stick out for me) and the things I learned (  How to present myself at signings and events) I also won the CRWA twister! Woo! That's worth celebrating. It was a fabulous weekend that I hope to enjoy next year as well.