Saturday 18 August 2012

Day 18 #blogflash 2012 - Wild At Heart

No wonder really, I see wild at heart and think sex and romance!

The way I see it, there are two types of erotic fiction: stories about sex and stories that include sex. This post is not intended to be a condemnation in any way! Each has its pros and cons. Just like in real life, sometimes you want to make love and sometimes you just want to fuck. One isn't better than the other, they're just different and each has its place.

I think it's helpful for the reader to know when they crack the spine (or open the file) what they are getting. Blue Moon House is a story about sex. The plot is driven by sex. There is still a good story in there, but it can't be told without the sex.

I recently reviews the first book of the Resistance, The Arrangement, on Good Reads. That was a story with sex. Although sex did drive part of the plot, with a lot of work and the magic of 'fade to black' it could be told at a PG rating. I'm glad it's not! Like I said, not judging here. The sex was great, it enlightened us on the characters and their relationship, and well, it was just damn hot. The story would have been less without it, but it would still be complete.

In my opinion, there has been an increased focus on stories about sex thanks to the popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey. Remember, I also wrote a story about sex, so I am definitely riding this wave. Yet, I wanted to remind readers and writers alike that there is ample shelf space and interest in a good story that includes well written sex. If my next novel or novella isn't another Blue Moon story, it will be a story with sex rather than a story about sex. I, for one, need both to balance my diet. My wild side is definitely an omnivore!