Wednesday 29 August 2012

Day 29 #blogflash2012 - Masquerade

Well, this one seems obvious. Let me remove this mask as I have a few times before and let you see the face behind.

That's me, with my husband and daughter (aren't we cute!?). I am not the girl with flowers on her back, though I might wish I was. I'm the woman with ample curves who could stand to lose a few pounds (forty?) and has found her first grey hairs.

Does my family know I write erotica? Yep. My husband loves it. My mother hasn't said a lot, but is supportive. Y'know, I don't think my Dad ever said anything about it? My in-laws haven't talked about it either, but I won't be surprised if they never read any of it. That might be more embarrassing actually!

Okay, you know what, forget this, I'm putting the mask back on. This is me: Angelica dawsonii is a native plant of Alberta. And now you know how I got my name. I'm a botany babe.