Wednesday 22 August 2012

Day 22 #blogflash2012 - Holiday

This post was written in advance. Currently, I am at a campsite near Wembly, which is near Grande Prairie, which is many miles northwest of Edmonton (and that still assumes you have any idea where Edmonton is). Technically, I have internet. There is cell service, so I can check my mail periodically, but well, I'm tenting. So I don't have a power outlet and my devices are, in general, left off.

This is my idea of a holiday.

We are roughing it. Living out of our tiny Echo and a tent. We might move to backpacking one day, but car camping is working for us. We scoff at the giant RVs that surround us. We don't have a satellite dish. We have a propane stove, a fire, a clothesline, a washtub. This is actually my idea of fun. It take a little extra planning, a little extra effort to make each meal and clean up after, but, well, there's nothing else we need to do. We go on walk of exploration, swim in the lake and come back to cook ourselves something for lunch, then we head out and do it again.

The perk this time, is that we are near my husband's family. One afternoon, we can leave our tent with all our gear inside and drive into town to visit, get something actually cold to drink, and then return just as things cool off for the evening.

This is a great holiday.