Monday 27 August 2012

Day 27 #blogflash2012 - History

These are a pair of excerpts from Blue Moon House and one of its prequels. The prequel is set in the 1900s and each subsequent prequel will be a little earlier. Enjoy!

She shook her head. “I would like to get to know more of you,” she said a little shyly. “You’ve seen and learned a lot about me, but I still know little beyond your names. I know Sophia is eldest and Jocelyn the youngest, but what of the rest of you? Has Blue Moon House always been here or do you move? Who made you Sophia? Why aren’t you with them anymore?”
You chose too well, Harrold,” Sophia murmured. “She will be quizzing us for the next decade.”
Harry’s grin was broad. He was proud of her for her curiosity. It shouldn’t surprise them, her curiosity was what led her to this community in the first place.
Sophia started telling of her beginnings as the only survivor of a group of vampires who fed to kill. Terrance excused himself. 
I need to return to Hannah. She has slept enough.” He grinned as he planned how to continue training his newest submissive. He passed Julia’s chair, kissing her cheek. “Thank you for coming.”
Sophia picked up her tale again. “I realized quickly, though, that we could feed without killing. I had to kill a few more,” her voice dipped as she admitted this, “until I found a group of sisters who would let me feed from them without exposing me. They enjoyed the pleasures I offered in exchange, as well as a variety of other services.” Sophia didn’t elaborate and seemed to hurry past that point. “However, as they married, I found myself alone again. I realized what I needed to do, but wasn’t sure I could trust anyone to feed from me without another vampire to stop them. I needn’t have worried. Several men tried and didn’t drink enough, each dying with out rising.” She shook her head. “Finally, I found a brothel where I could fit in, and the men, if they noticed me biting, were too ashamed to say anything. I stayed there until my age became an issue, but by then, I had met Lynn.” She smiled at her friend and took her hand. “She was a fellow prostitute but often found herself in need of female company after the men had gone. She was also able to understand what was required to become like me. We opened our own brothel after that, and Blue Moon House was born.” The women shared a kiss then that warmed Julia more than she would have expected.
And I know Lynn found Harry, but I also know Nicholas was a vampire by that time,” Julia interjected when the silence stretched.
Another night,” Harry insisted. “You need sleep.”

So, I naturally have plans to write each vampire's story. I started with Jocelyn, the biology student.

Jocelyn held her breath as she lifted the heavy brass knocker. The house didn't look so different from the others on the block. It was old, certainly, and big, but all the houses in this neighborhood were huge. Whoever ran Blue Moon House had money, probably old money. She supposed that made them eccentric instead of perverted.
No, if half of what she heard was true, they were perverted. But, then again, so was she. That's why she was here. An orgy with two of her professors and four of her friends had been a fantastic pinnacle, but not enough for her. Jocelyn wanted to know what Blue Moon House could show her. She had been told even the most experience would find novelty here.
The door was opened by a young woman with shining black hair and the most beautiful blue eyes Jocelyn had ever seen. The color didn't look natural. Nothing she'd learned in her six years of biology and medical studies could explain them. Her satin dressing robe was closed, but left little to Jocelyn's imagination as to what was beneath it.
“Yes? Are you sure you have the right house?” The woman spoke with a slight accent — Spanish or Italian, Jocelyn couldn't say. However, she knew she wanted inside.
“I believe I do. May I come in?”
Those brilliant eyes looked over Jocelyn slowly, starting at her crown and moving down over her spring duster and to her buttoned boots.
“Take off your coat for me,” the woman demanded.
Jocelyn looked over her shoulder, but didn't see any reason not to comply. The weather was nice. She pulled off the linen and folded it over her arm, revealing her dress beneath. She wore a corset, of course, although she'd neglected the bustle. They made sitting in class quite difficult. She noticed the woman's eyes linger on Jocelyn's breasts where they were pushed up over the bodice.
“You are sure?” The woman asked again, narrowing her eyes slightly.
Jocelyn licked her lips and looked over the woman's hips and breasts again before meeting her eyes. “I'm positive.”
“My name is Sophia. Follow me, please.”
The History of Blue Moon House. Hope you enjoyed. If you are looking forward to more, I have WONDERFUL news. Blue Moon House will release on September 1st!