Tuesday 14 August 2012

Day 14 #blogflash2012 - Children

My daughter is five. She has lost two teeth and will be starting Grade 1 in a few weeks. In some ways, she is just like all the other kids her age. She can run circles around her dad and me. She quickly forgets everything she did at school today. She makes friends in a flash. In some ways, though, she isn't like other kids. She was able to read at age 2 and still reads chapter books. She likes to read over my shoulder, and if you've seen my teasers, you know what a bad things THAT could be. She plays adult board games and likes to hang out with my husband and our friends. In some ways, she's five, in others she might be thirty. This is exactly what my mother-in-law says about my husband. "He was born thirty." I don't mind. It means she's also my best friend. Just like the sign says.