Tuesday 28 August 2012

Day 28 #blogflash2012 - Frog

With great trepidation, she picked up the green animal. He had shiny skin, but wasn't slimy as she had expected. Rather he had cool skin, smooth. She ran her thumb between his eyes and down his back, expecting him to jump away as other frogs did.

He closed his eyes and gave a long, slow croak from deep in his throat.

Take me with you, his eyes said. It was also what the old witch had told her.

"When you go home, on the path, you will find a frog. If you would cure your infertility, take him with you, put him in your bed while your husband is still away. When he returns, you will find you are able to conceive."

A frog was going to help her have a baby. Well, at least she didn't have to eat it, or kiss it! It was a beautiful green, yellowish, like the first leaves of spring. She had no fear of frogs, but she did find it odd that this one behaved as it did. It showed no signs of fear or discomfort being carried in her hand. She had caught frogs on a few occasions as  a young girl and all had sprung from her as soon as they could. This one, hunched lower in her hand, utterly content.

"Well, little frog, I don't have anything for you to eat. I hope you find a fly around here," she told him as she set him on an empty chair. She set about preparing her own small meal before retiring for the night. He husband should be back in a couple of days, but until then, she wouldn't cook anything large, feeding only herself.

The frog hopped off the chair as she passed it on her way to the bedroom. She stopped for a moment, thinking it meant to escape at last, but instead it hopped toward the same door she approached. Well, the witch had said to take him to bed. The frog, it appeared, knew what to do. Holding the door for him, he hopped through and stopped at the edge of the bed, unable to leap onto it.

"Too high for you?" she asked with a grin, bending to pick up the tiny creature and set it on her husband's pillow. "Try not to dirty it," she warned before removing her dress. The frog watched her and croaked from time to time while she changed. The woman thought nothing of it, crawling under her covers and turning to face her husband's pillow.

"Good night," she said, closing her eyes.

The frog gave a two noted croak, seeming to wish her the same.

That night, the woman's dreams were vivid. A man, not her husband, lay next to her in the bed. His dark curls were very different from her husband's straight sandy hair. He ran a hand down her side and slipped it under her nightdress.

The urge to kiss him was overpowering, and as it was dream, she indulged. She had no idea why her mind had conjured this man instead of her husband, but she'd been alone enough nights to burn for company to spend it with.

As she edge closer to stranger, her dress pulled up, she brushed along his naked body. It took only a touch to need to lose the meager clothing she still wore. Propping herself up, she quickly peeled the garment free.

The man with her growled in a near-croak, his eyes drinking in her body. His hand came to her breast, touching gently at first, then pinching her nipple once before caressing again. It wasn't something her husband did, his mouth usually latching on as soon as her chest was revealed, but the tender touch was welcome, warming her further to the fire of passion growing in her.

She might not know who this man was, but she knew what she needed. In a moment of wanton lust, she rolled him onto his back and climbed atop him. Again, it wasn't something she ever did with her husband, he always led, mounting her. The stranger seemed to croak again, unable to express what she read on his face - desire, encouragement.

Taking him in her hand, she rubbed him on herself until she couldn't bear being empty a moment longer. Then she sank upon him, spearing herself and bending backward in ecstasy.

He took advantage of her position to stimulate her, his thumb rubbing her until she was squirming atop him. She screamed in pleasure, calling to God as she couldn't call the man's name.

He couldn't answer hers either, croaking again just before he clutched her torso to his lips, kissing between her breasts while he throbbed inside her.

"Madelyn," he said then, "Thank you." He turned to the side, allowing her to rest her head while he cradled her in his arms. "You have saved me."

"You have saved me," she answered, grinning. "Saved me from dying without knowing that pleasure." She blinked several times drifting back to sleep and regular dreams, although she still twitched occasionally as her body responded to the feeling of a man beside her.

She woke to find her husband's side of the bed rumpled and the frog gone. Her husband returned a few nights later, filling her days and nights.

She didn't think of the dream again until she gave birth to their first son. His hair was dark and curly.

Hope you liked my frog prince variation! :)