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Club Stratosphere: Lexa and Tom by @DanielleGavan in Alpha Fever Boxed Set #99cents #Free #erotica

Guest Author Danielle Gavan  
Presents Her Story
Club Stratosphere: Lexa and Tom
From This Wonderful Book Set!

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Club Stratosphere: Lexa and Tom by Danielle Gavan

About The Short Story

Ever since Alexandra Porter told her husband, Barry, about the dark side of her sexual preferences—bondage, humiliation, pain—her house has been like the Cold War. A shared existence, not a life together.

Lexa needs a certain kind of man. A true Dominant to exert the control she craves, and administer the pain she needs. Until she finds Him, she scratches her itch by anonymously submitting to a gifted and sadistic Dom at Club Stratosphere. But with every searing slap of leather on flesh, she finds herself fantasizing about Thomas, her hunky neighbor, who’s also her superior at work.

Thomas Daniels has been lusting after petite brunette Lexa since the day he met her. From countless backyard barbecues listening to her whiny husband’s complaints, he understood Lexa’s submissive nature…as only a true Dom can. Once he’s certain the marriage is a sham, he makes his move, messaging her with a curt order to meet him in the back yard.

When they finally get together Tom realizes a truth which leaves him stunned, yet elated. But how will Lexa feel when all her worlds become entangled?
Tom stood in the shadows, scanning the crowd. For a Thursday evening, Stratosphere’s dungeon was surprisingly busy. He sipped at the bottled water a waitress had brought for him earlier. The staff knew him by sight, the single tail he wore wrapped diagonally around his chest was his signature accessory. House Doms wore masks to conceal their identities, and each chose something singular to identify themselves. Sir Daniel’s weapon of choice was the single tail whip, and he wore it as his badge.

Sconces lined the walls, giving off a soft light that left most of the room in some degree of shadowy privacy for its occupants. A red spotlight shone down on the stage and cast a sensual glow over the naked man bound to a frame in its center. The submissive’s wrists and ankles were bound with simple jute, the heavy rope cuffs securing him suspended from the sturdy metal. 

Mistress lifted her flogger, a heavy fall of long, thick leather straps, and flicked her wrist. The tails whooshed through the air, landing with a solid thwack across her submissive’s broad back. Tom flinched, familiar with the feel of Mistress’ powerful swing and the brutal sting of her flogger. He would have felt bad for the sub, except he knew just how much Jonas, Mistress’ boy-toy, loved the pain she meted out to him.

The opening notes of Nick Jonas’ Levels boomed out from the sound system and Tom straightened. He took the few short steps to where the Saint Andrews Cross stood and scanned the crowd for Angel. The song was her cue that she was on the floor, and on her way to him. He grinned, spotting the familiar shape of her face beneath the mask she wore. His eyes roamed from the top of her head, and the tight bun at the crown, to the sweep of her forehead and the curve of her cheek beneath the leather strip covering her eyes.

Her eyes met his and her lips curved into a small smile of acknowledgement as she made her way through the crowd. Tom noticed the short robe Angel wore, the article of clothing out of place with her usual appearance. His beautiful little sub wasn’t one to hide her body. Clad in nothing but her custom made cuffs, she strode through the club from the locker-room to the play area confident and comfortable in all of her naked glory.

Thanks for having me on the blog today to talk about my novella, Club Stratosphere: Lexa and Tom. It’s great to be here, and to get the word about my book, as well as the 21 other fantastic stories in the Alpha Fever boxed set.

How long have you been a writer and how did you come to writing?
I’ve been writing professionally since 2009 when I wrote the first book in my Abbey of Angels series, Ardeur. Writing is something I’ve been doing for as long as I can remember. Books, and a deep love of them, have been a part of my life since childhood. I can remember writing stories down on a little heart-shaped notepad in 7th grade and filling the pages with my loopy scrawl.

What are the best and the worst aspects of writing?

For me, the best part is being able to create. I get to tell stories about fantastical worlds and creatures, sexy Doms and their equally beautiful submissives. The world is my oyster when I’m putting words on the page. The downside is that I’m very critical of my own work, and have a hard time shutting of my inner editor so that I can write without editing as I go.

What inspires you to write?
Writing is my passion, so the inspiration comes easily. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do. Now I get to do exercise my passion, and share my work with readers.

What is the title of your story included in Alpha Fever? How did you come up with this story?

Club Stratosphere: Lexa and Tom. It was originally a short story that I’d written several years ago, but I didn’t feel like it was finished. When I was offered the opportunity to be included in the Alpha Fever compilation, I knew this was my chance to give the story the attention it deserved.

How did you conduct your research for Club Stratosphere: Lexa and Tom?

Personal experience, visits to Swingers/BDSM clubs and local lifestyle events. I have several friends, and acquaintances in the lifestyle who were happy to share their knowledge and experiences as well.

What are 3 of your favorite lines/quotes from Club Stratosphere: Lexa and Tom?
1. “Damn,” he laughed. “Can’t blame me for trying. I’ve been waiting forever for this—for you.”

2. “I’ve been waiting all day to get my hands on you and I’m not going to let being kicked out of my house keep me from getting what I want. And right now? I want you.”

3. Leaning in, Tom murmured against her ear. “Be a good little slut now, kitten.”

What would your friends say is your best quality?

They’d say I’m kind-hearted.

Are reader reviews important to you?

Of course! Good or bad, reviews are what recommend an author’s work to other readers.

Do you have any blogs/websites?

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted anything to my blog. My website, however, is and is updated fairly regularly. Readers are welcome to visit and see what’s new, read excerpts and/or use the contact form to get in touch with me.

What do you do when you don’t write?
When not writing, I’m usually taking a class of some sort to polish up my editing skills, busy being a mom to my two pre-teen boys or spending time with the man who holds the keys to my heart (and collar lol). Of course, there’s always a book (or five) open on my Kindle, too.

Tell us about your other books?

The Abbey of Angels is a series of Paranormal Romance books with the main setting in a hidden-from-humans part of an abbey. The annex is run by angels and is a refuge for supernatural beings seeking asylum. There are currently three (3) books in the series, and several more planned.

Aside from the AoA series, I have four stand-alone Erotic Romance novellas: Cursed, Tarnished Tiaras, UnWrapped and The Lists.

There are more stories planned for Club Stratospheres, too. The original story starring Ellie and Robbie Avery (formerly of Miss Ellie Swings) is next.

If you could share one thing about yourself that you would like readers to know what would it be?

Follow your dreams, and do what you love.

Thank you for sharing with us Danielle! It has been a pleasure meeting you!
Thank you so much for having me, and the crew from Alpha Fever. It’s been a great pleasure.

About The Author
Amazon and ARe Bestselling Author Danielle Gavan

Danielle Gavan lives in Ontario, Canada with her two sons. Danielle has been writing in her spare time since she was in middle school. She is currently writing full time. Readers are welcome to visit her website Danielle welcomes email and you may contact her at
Follow Danielle on Twitter @DanielleGavan

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Thank you for joining us today with guest author Danielle Gavan! 
We hope you'll come back as we continue to introduce the rest of the stories and their authors from this book set!



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