Friday 18 March 2016

#FlashFiction Flasher Fiction Friday - Gentleman

This picture reminded me of a scene from Blue Moon House: Gentleman. I hope you agree. Don't forget to check out all the other 100 word flashes based on this picture.

“Master?” “Yes, Donna, I'm still here. Why haven't you found me?” Harry suppressed laughter as the woman moved, arms outstretched. Then Nicholas pushed Harry toward her. “Ah, there you are,” she said, wrapping her arms around Harry. “ aren't. You two are playing with me again.” She pouted. “I'm sorry, Donna, but you are so much fun to play with.” Nicholas pressed against her back until her breasts were crushed on Harry's chest. This was new. Usually they took opposite ends of her, not front and back. “Lift your legs. Wrap them around him. You know he feels good inside you."