Thursday 10 March 2016

Thursday Taster - Changes: Getting what you wish for #transgender

Happy Thursday! I've recently found out that my transgender paranormal story won't be coming out soon. I love it so much, though, that I want to share it. It's an odd mix of transgender, bdsm, and magic. I think you'll pick up on the horror story I'm using for inspiration before long. Check out all the other tastes by visiting our blog.

“Fifteen,” Jacqueline cried, tears slipping down her cheeks. David raised his hand and dropped it on her upturned ass again. “Sixteen.”
“Enough?” he asked, sliding his palm over her bright pink bottom and making it tingle in a way that caused a twitch in her groin. Her penis grew against his lap, pinned slightly and that pain added to the wonderful warmth spreading now down her thighs.
“Yes,” she whimpered.
He wound up and landed his hardest slap yet. She screeched but wasn’t entirely surprised. “I decide when it is enough,” he reminded her. “Now, let’s see that cock.”
He pushed her up and she caught his shoulder for balance. He looked her over, starting with her knobby knees, up over the penis that had grown and continued to swell as he slid a hand down over her ass again. He didn’t stop there, taking in her lacy red bra and eventually her tear-streaked cheeks. She knew her makeup had run off and she no longer looked as feminine as before.
David sat with his knees splayed, the stable base that had supported her a moment ago. His pants were soft and loose, tenting. How had she missed that before? He wore no shirt and she put a hand on one of his pics stroking as an echo of his hand on her rear.
Sniffing, she wiped a hand across her cheek. “Sorry,” she apologized quietly.
She yipped and hopped on her toes as the palm that caressed came down in a hard smack. She’d forgotten.
“I am a woman,” she intoned, reciting now as she had every morning since she’d taken up with David and every time she apologized for her appearance in front of him. “I am beautiful, and my body is a temple. With it I will worship you and thank you for your adoration and admiration.”
“Damn right,” he said, pulling her between his thighs and sinking his fingers into her long ashy blond hair. He used it to pull her down and kissed her. “Now get a tissue and clean yourself up.”