Wednesday 23 March 2016

Thursday Taster - Hot Chocolate - Have a REAL taste!

Thursday is for tasting. Here's a chocolate taste from a piece I have in the stacks waiting for the right place and time to come out. I hope you enjoy it and pop over to the blog to read Linda's teaser too!

I walked Patty home after work. I'd been to her place a hundred times, but never with the intention of getting naked. Sadly, these weren't the circumstances I had imagined.
I could smell the chili, in the slow cooker, before we reached the door. As soon as we were inside, Patty passed me a beer. "Get comfy. I'll finish dinner." She added the extra dark chocolate she'd brought home with us to the crock pot. Then a bowl of dough was pulled from the fridge and shaped. A small unglazed bowl was placed in each dough ball to make a larger 'bread bowl'. After the buns were in the oven, she grabbed my bottle, taking a swig.
I was used to it. She enjoyed beer, but never had more than a few swallows before swapping to something harder.
"Thanks," she said, giving me the bottle back.
"No problem."
"Not just that." She held my hand around the bottle. "I really appreciate this." Her deep chocolaty eyes held mine and I swallowed, nervous now.
"You weren't expecting any... prep work, were you?" I asked awkwardly, blushing furiously.
She laughed lightly. "You mean shaving? God, no." She took another sip from the bottle, taking it from me. "I don't do that for anyone, why should you?" She pushed the bottle back to me, heading to the kitchen again.
I sighed in relief and took a long swallow of my own.
"If the bottom of the mold doesn't look right, we can smooth it out, or cut the very bottom off." She turned to stir the chili and I focused on her rear to try to rid myself of the memory of her with the giant knife, cutting the mold...
"Although," she continued, speaking into the oven she was bent over. "According to my girlfriends, if you do.” My eyes flew up to hers when she turned back and set a block of cheddar next to a grater on the island, facing me now. "It's a sure way to get a blow job." She looked a little flushed, but that was probably just the heat of the oven.
"Duly noted," I answered her with a smile.
"I did it once. The grow-back drove me insane." The motion of her hand with cheese, in combination with the topic, was not doing good things in my pants. I cleared my throat and swallowed beer. "I just keep it trimmed now."
Beer shot up my nose as I choked. Patty laughed. "Sorry! I would have waited if I'd seen you drink. TMI?" she asked.
I chuckled. "Only if you mind taking off your pants when I do."
She laughed into the oven, pulling the bread bowls out. "That wasn't the plan, but whatever makes you comfortable."
"It'll definitely make me hard," I muttered into my bottle as she spooned out chili.
"It's hot," she warned, unnecessarily. I chased a forkful with a swig of beer. The spiciness wasn't tamed at all, but the temperature was neutralized. I'd also learned that something in the hops blended with the chili and beef. The chocolate and cheese added their own smoothness.
I don't know how long I rolled that mouthful before Patty snagged my bottle again. "Another?" she asked, draining the last of it. She smirked. "Maybe not. We need you to be able to perform."