Thursday 3 March 2016

Thursday Taster - Alpha Fever - Switching Up

This Thursday I have a taste from Alpha Fever, specifically my contribution: Switching Up.

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He paused caressing her heated cheeks. “I’m going to fuck this ass tonight,” he told her. “My hips are going slap against it. My balls are going to spank your pussy.”
Patty wished she could rub her thighs together. That sounded dreadful and marvelous at the same time.
“Before I can do that, though, I need to do a better job of this.” He released the length of rope pinning her hands to her stomach. He tossed the long ends over the beam, and helped her to her feet. Gathering the slack in the rope he was able to walk her under it. Then he tied the ends to one of her ankles, pulling her arms over her head. She stopped struggling against the rope when he did that. If she pulled her ankle up, she’d definitely fall.
“Let’s see.” He slapped the outside of each of her breasts, rubbed his thumbs over the nipples. She moaned, the sting in her bottom fading slightly in light of the pleasure.
Brent lunged, snatching up the blue rope from the floor. He wrapped her in a chest harness, and her current situation meant he could do as fine a job as he liked.
When he untied her hands from her ankle, he pulled on the purple rope. It was looped through the harness at her back, so she hadn’t seen him attach it. She was lifted an inch off the ground and held there.
She struggled against the ropes, fighting to get free, but he’d done a good job. The ropes shifted, but they didn’t pinch.
Her feet touched the floor again and Brent faced her, goad in hand again. With one hand he released her wrists. “Now put them behind you,” he ordered.
“No,” she said, reaching behind her for the end of the harness.
She screamed when he slapped her ass and zapped her breast at the same time. The goad bounced on the mat where he dropped it, pulling her arms behind her. It only took a few seconds to secure them there. She frowned, feeling tension in her shoulder socket. He couldn’t keep her like this for very long.
Brent pulled the purple rope until she stood on tiptoes. Patty started struggling again when she couldn’t see him, but stopped when he slapped her still stinging ass.
“Here we go,” he said. A dollop of cold lube hit her ass, followed by fingers spreading it over and into her tight hole. “Isn’t this what you wanted?” he asked, holding her hip as the tip of his cock pushed into her.
“Yes,” she hissed, shaking her legs, wanting more.
“Me too,” he said, thrusting deep into her.