Tuesday 1 March 2016

#tantalizingtuesday Rainy Day part 2 #japanese #lesbian

Thanks for coming around for another Tuesday. I hope you enjoy my 200 words. Be sure to read all the others up on the blog.

“Kita-san,” Yuki murmured, instinctively moving to shelter both of them under her umbrella. “What are you doing here?” Realizing that wasn’t an appropriate question, she added, “Where is your umbrella?”
Kita blinked before answering, “The wind took it.” Yuki frowned. The rain wasn’t part of a storm; there was no wind. Before Yuki could argue, Kita asked, “May I join you? On whatever you do. Or you could come home with me, for tea.” Kita shifted nervously and looked away when she gave the second option. That would have been Yuki’s preference, but obviously Kita was hoping she wouldn’t choose it.
“I think I’ll head home. Tea sounds perfect.” Yuki rose and Kita pouted slightly, making no move to shelter herself from the rain. Her full bottom lip tempted Yuki, making her lick her own lips. Yuki also couldn’t help smiling at Kita’s obvious and unfounded disappointment. “I’d like it if you joined me, Kita-san.”
Kita clapped her hands together. Her face lit up and she rose to stand close to Yuki. “I would like that very much Kimura-san. Please call me Eiko-chan.”
“Only if you call me Yuki-chan,” she agreed.
“Yuki-chan,” Eiko said, taking Yuki’s free hand and squeezing.