Wednesday 16 March 2016

#MidWeekTease Birth of a Brat - Alpha Heat

Happy Wednesday. I shared a tease from my contribution to Alpha Fever last week, but there is another compilation, Alpha Heat, that is completely free!

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It contains very short related stories to those in the larger box set. Mine is the story of how Patty becomes the brat we love. Here's a tease from that story.

James’ expression turned stormy and he braced on his hands on either side of her face. “Do you trust me, Patty?”
“I-I… yeah.”
“Good. Hold on.” He reached into one of his drawers and pulled out two sets of fuzzy handcuffs. “Give me your wrist.”
She grinned and spread herself between the posts, her wrists bound by cuffs and two belts served for her ankles.
“How is that? Will it hold?”
She pulled and shifted. “Yeah, that’s good.”
“Good. Now, you are going to come for me, my pretty girl. Make it a loud one.”
Her heart threatened to beat out of her chest, so excited by this prospect of losing control.
James started with his mouth again, and then added fingers. Although she was still sensitive, it took time for her to build back to where she had been. She tried closing her eyes and focusing on how she had felt minutes ago.
When James didn’t get the response he wanted, he used both hands as he had before and took one of her dark nipples between his teeth. The bite worked and the resulting zing woke all her nerves. Now his fingers on her clit and pumping inside stoked the banked fire, bringing back the roaring flame. A flame so hot, that she couldn’t stay still.
“Yes, yes,” she groaned. Her hips tried to shift, her clit so sensitive, but she couldn’t escape.
“No,” she cried, twitching. Her vision turned red and she doubled her efforts to snake away. “No.”
“That doesn’t sound like a stop, Patty. Come for me,” he commanded.
He was right. She wasn’t asking him to stop, she was trying to escape, trying to fight against the stimulation.
A moment later the fight ended. She thrashed as far as the ties allowed and felt her whole body burst into flame.
“Yeah, baby, yeah.” James encouraged her, still using his fingers in her pussy. “You’re gonna squirt. Do it. Do it.”
She had no idea what squirting was, but a wash of fluid ran down her thighs alongside a release of pressure in her groin.
She screamed for him then. Obscenities, prayers, every foul word she’d ever learned.
When that barrage ended, he put his head on the bed next to hers but didn’t untie her. “You have to help me change sheets.”
She chuckled. “Sure. Just let me out.”
“Oh, I don’t want to do that yet.” His smile reminded her of a cat that held a mouse in its jaws.
She laughed. “Yeah, yeah. Come on now.”
“No,” he said, still light-hearted. His hand slid over her abdomen and curled into her sex.
She squealed and wriggled. “Too much.”
“Yeah, that’s the best part.”
“My arms are starting to kink.”
“Well, boo.” He reached up and pushed a button to release the cuff. “I can’t convince you to stay tied to my bed?” He made no move to release the other. “You can move now, take the pressure off?” He kissed her and she reached over her head to fiddle with the cuff until she got it open.
“Nope.” She scooted down to release her feet.
“Wait a minute,” he told her, grabbing her ribs to block her attempt to free herself. His fingers wiggled and she erupted in unwanted giggles.
“No, I’m ticklish. Eeek!” she squealed, still writhing.
“Now be a good girl. Lie still and I won’t tickle you anymore.”
“A good girl?” she taunted. “Who’s a good girl?” She twisted to get one hand on her ankle. The awkward position made her hamstrings cramp, but she got the belt loose and couldn’t be held any longer. “I’m not a good girl.” Kicking him aside, she leapt off the bed.
“No. You’re a brat. Only one thing to do with one of those”
She cocked her head, curious. He ducked, put his shoulder to her hips, and hefted her over his shoulder. “Spank you into submission!” He held her there, smacking her bum.
She laughed at first but soon squealed, her bottom getting warmer and redder. She kicked and thrashed to get away from his hand. He dropped her onto the bed and she reflexively curled up in a ball.
“Stop, please, mercy!” She was still laughing and he was still grinning.
“Okay, but only if you’re sure you don’t want me to tie you up.”
Heavy breaths made his chest inflate, and she realized she was huffing and puffing as well. That had been a workout, one of a type she would eagerly repeat.
“I definitely want that. Just not tonight, okay?”
He slid onto the bed beside her his shoulder against hers. “Not tonight. Damn, Patty, that was fun.”

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