Tuesday 22 March 2016

#tantalizingtuesday Moving Forward #Japanese #Lesbian

My last teaser lead us up to Eiko and Yuki's first kiss, which I've already shared. Here is where their relationship went next!  Don't forget to read all the other teasers on the blog.

“You don’t know how long I have wanted to do that.”
“I think I do. I have been waiting since the day we met.”
“I am sure I noticed you before that, on the street, passing by. You were so beautiful. You are beautiful,” Yuki corrected, her fingers tracing Eiko’s cheek. “I was scared you’d be offended, that you’d tell me you wanted a man.”
Eiko shook her head, her nose brushing Yuki’s. “Never. You are perfect.” For emphasis, she brought her hand to cup one of Yuki’s breasts, then down to cup her sex over her skirt. “Yuki-chan, you are exactly what I want.”
“I don’t want to rush or push,” Yuki tried to explain, backing up enough to turn toward her bedroom door.
Eiko moved eagerly toward the door. “Forgive me if I am too forward.”
Yuki laughed a bit at both of them apologizing to the other. Eiko smiled and giggled in agreement. Eiko proceeded to open the door and step inside.
Settling herself beside Eiko on the futon, Yuki froze, not sure what to do next. Eiko had no such hindrance and slipped a hand up under Yuki shirt, along her back, while kissing her again.