Tuesday 8 March 2016

#tantalizingtuesday - Come on in #Japanese #lesbian

Another 200 words from my Japanese story. Escaping the rain, Yuki and Eiko plan to have tea in her apartment. Will Yuki work up the nerve to tell Eiko how she feels? Don't forget to read all the other teasers on the blog.

Yuki closed her umbrella in the lobby of her apartment complex. Eiko took it from her while she removed her shoes. Although Yuki hadn’t seen her do it, Eiko’s stocking feet were bared, her black shoes beside her. Yuki took the umbrella and they each picked up their shoes.
Yuki nodded to her landlady who smiled and waved back. She was mopping the stairs and making her way to the entry, cleaning up the dirty puddles brought in with the rain. Eiko stiffened, keeping her attention on the woman and mop until the elevator arrived. Once inside, Eiko relaxed, smiling at Yuki.
“You must be freezing,” Yuki said. “I’ll get tea started right away.” She led her new friend to her door and unlocked it. “Make yourself comfortable. Would you like a snack?” Yuki started bustling around her kitchen, checking her water pot, looking for packages of sweet and salty treats.
Eiko stood at the open end of the galley kitchen, watching Yuki. She’d pulled off her coat and the rusty brown shirt she wore beneath still clung to her. Yuki kept trying to focus on what she was doing, but every time she glanced Eiko’s way, she couldn’t help staring.