Wednesday 18 February 2015

#MidWeekTease - Blood, Sweat and Black Leather from @pablomichaels1

Today I want to share a piece of m/m fiction with you. It is written by Pablo Michaels, someone I hope you all put on your to-be-read lists. His latest release is Blood, Sweat and Black Leather, and it delivers. Pablo is a participant in Tantalizing Tuesdays, Thursday Tasters and the Daily Picspiration blogs. You can find delicious excerpts of his writing on his blog any time.

Now! On to the tease!

A gust of wind slapped Damien awake from his wandering thoughts. Jolted from his memory, he became abruptly aware of a tall, dark, masculine figure strolling on the top railing of the garden fence, illuminated by a beam of moonlight.
Balancing like a dancer, he gracefully walked toward Damien, his face hidden in the shadows. The unknown person crept closer to the deck, leaping from the fence and over the banister to stand next to him. Dressed in a black leather vest and pants, he stood tall and mighty. His face was concealed by a dark mask.
“Who are you?” Damien gasped in fear.
"You don’t recognize me?” he answered, his deep, soft voice enticing. “You lusted for me several years ago. I told you I wanted an older man. I let you go.”
“How did you walk on the fence like that?”
“It’s all a matter of balance.”
“Why don’t you drop your mask?” Damien’s teeth chattered slightly. “I don’t remember you or your voice.”

Who is that masked man?

Here is a little more about Pablo.
After living, working, and experiencing city life in San Francisco for twenty years, Pablo moved back to the rural home where he grew up to continue writing about the advent of gay liberation, the AIDS epidemic and life he observed and participated. Legally married to his loving husband after fifteen years, they enjoy sharing their love with other people from all backgrounds and beliefs.

I hope you enjoy Pablo's work and take in all the fantastic teasers this week.