Tuesday 24 February 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday - Done

Is it Tuesday again? I saw this picture and just couldn't turn it down. It does give away the ending, but so what! Check out more 200 word teasers by visiting our blog.

Denise walked proudly, defiantly. Her high heels clacked on the tile with a satisfying ring. She was out of here. Today she was walking out and not walking back.
She opened the door to Dave’s office with her resignation in hand. She wasn’t a bit surprised to find Linda, blouse half open, on the corner of his desk.
“Denise! Don’t you knock?”
“Not anymore,” she said with glee. She slapped the letter to his desk and turned to go.
“Wait, what?” Dave called, but he was too late. Her elevator, instead of being late as usual was right on time. The doors swung open just as she approached and she breezed through.
“Hi,” a quiet voice said inside. Denise looked over at the man she was sure she hadn’t seen before.
“Hi,” she said, not sparing him another glance.
“New here?” he asked.
“No, old here. Not here.”
“Not here,” he said, smiling more broadly. If Denise hadn’t caught his reflection in the mirror, she probably wouldn’t have felt so unsettled.
“Done for the day?” he asked.
“Done for a long while.”
“Good.” He put his hands on her hips. She was about to complain when the elevator dropped.