Sunday 15 February 2015

Sunday Surprise: Rogue Phoenix Press @RoguePhoenixPre @MyWarWithHem @mandymia

Rogue Phoenix Press publishes a wide range of genera; everything from mysteries to fantasy to romance to horror. They tout themselves as representing excellence in publishing. I'll let you be the judge of that based on some of their latest releases. They mainly publish electronic books, but you can find a coveted paperback through print on demand.

The most recent release is from James Charles and has the enigmatic title My War with Hemingway. Personally, that alone made me curious. The story revolves around Zach, a young veteran, contemplating suicide after a horrific tour in Afghanistan. Ernest Hemingway appears and stops him. In college, he falls in love with Jessica,and her love stabilizes him, making Hemingway’s appearances become less frequent. When she doesn’t return to school after break, he confronts her father who tells him he is not to see her again. Alone, haunted by the wars, and with his friend Hemingway pestering him, he descends into alcoholism, naturally. With one of Zach’s army buddies, Jessica searches for him. But will they find him in time to save his life?

Miriam Khan has published several books with Rogue Phoenix including Seasons of Time. Seventeen-year old Lara Voight has no choice but to go to Spring Mills, Pennsylvania and stay with Gracen. Lara experiences a burning sensation that can only be soothed by a the phantom scent that is familiar but hard to recall. Lara learns that Penelope Le Rose was murdered at the mansion, which was once known as Montague house. Lara explores the story further, going as far as to find a portrait of Penelope who looks just like Lara. Finding Penelope’s diary, Lara becomes haunted by visions of a ghostly boy. The people in the diary resemble people Lara knows. Could one be Penelope's murder back to finish the job?

Jak Barley, Private Inquisitor and the Case of the Dark Lords Conspiracy is the long title of Dan Ehl's latest book, the third in the series. Jak Barley is ready for some down time. That is why Jak was not a bit amused to have a scruffy mage insist that he is to be one of a group of questers decreed in an ancient prophecy that must cross the icy Alf Mountains to foil the return of the Old Gods. To do so meant using a map all too heavily dotted with "Here Be…" warnings that read like an "Idiot's Guide to Monsters." Once gain Jak finds himself saying, "I hate adventures."

The sequel to Ten Yen True by Amanda Armstrong, Ten Yen Forever, is available now.  Caitlin, JJ, Paul, and Tommy need change for the better. When they each mysteriously receive one of four ten yen coins, none of them know or understand why or where their journey is about to take them. The lives of these four people, all of whom have need of one another to bring about healing and wholeness are now entwined, They are mysteriously helped by a Japanese monk. It is a story of hope, love, forgiveness and miracles, exploring the spiritual and psychological underpinnings of the main characters, demonstrating the interconnectedness of human beings.

The Gatekeepers Of Ky K.J. Dahlen features Immortals: Bastian, Gunner and Jori. They gain access to a forbidden portal located on the planet Ky and come to earth looking for the five pieces of an ancient magical Staff. Michael, working with Guardians from Ky, helps them track down pieces of the Staff before Bastian can find it. If Bastian finds all the pieces, he plans to take the Staff back to Ky. If he does that the Staff will destroy both Ky and Earth. Can Michael and the others stop him?

In lieu of an excerpt this week I have the following video trailer for Gatekeeps of Ky! If you have a publisher that should be featured on Sunday Surprise, please leave me a comment.