Tuesday 17 February 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday - Blizzard

Cindy clutched her umbrella as the wind tried to tear it from her gloved hands. The handle slipped and she nearly lost hold of it.
Perhaps she should just let it go. It wasn’t helping her. The rain had turned to snow and the wind blew it straight into her face.
Cindy gritted her teeth, put her head down and into the wind and trudged on. She wouldn’t let anything keep her from this appointment. She’d been waiting weeks for Ms. Tuttle to see her. She might be late, but she wouldn’t miss it.
That worry made her look at her watch. She had five more minutes.
Moving her hands turned her umbrella to fill with wind again and this time it flew behind her, tumbling down the white path. Cindy cursed, but wasted no more time on it, plowing ahead through the blizzard.
The snow stopped abruptly when she reached the doorstep. Cindy blinked and looked around. Was there a fence or wall she had missed? Why was it so still here?
Looking up, she saw the brass knocker and fear made her belly flip.
“Come in, for God’s sake, and leave the cold out!”

Cindy turned the handle.

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