Tuesday 3 February 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday - Elusive

Dani tilted her head and moved her hand.

She straightened her head and tilted the glass.
Not quite. Where was it?
Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath, pushing away the frustration, the urgency, the sense of impending doom that threatened to spill its banks and leave her a quivering, gibbering mess. It was here. She knew it was. She had found it before and if she could just focus she would find it again.
“Dani, give it up. You’re going to give yourself a crick in the neck.”
There were worse things than a crick in her neck or the headache that resulted. There were worse things than wasting an afternoon chasing something elusive, something just out of reach.
There was failure.
“You don’t have to wait for me,” she reminded Jen. Dani tried twisting, turning her whole body to the side.
“There! Did you see it?”
Jen sighed in exasperation. “What? A rainbow? You’ve been casting those all morning.”

Dani hugged the crystal to her chest. It was all she had left of her grandmother, and in that second she had found the piece of her soul, stored here, waiting for Dani to find and release it.

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