Sunday 1 February 2015

Sunday Surprise - @NevermorePr @DianaNixon9 @realmagiknovels @CKCAuthor @ARDeClerck

You will never need more than Nevermore Press. They have children's, family, YA, science fiction, erotica, fantasy, everything! Here is a sample of the variety available from Nevermore.

Love Undone by Diana Nixon is one of Nevermore's Erotica titles. What would you do if all your memories were gone? One day Kassie wakes up to find a tragic incident has taken away everything that she has ever cherished and loved: family, friends and all the best moments that she ever lived through. Now everything seems unknown, including a beautiful stranger, whose mere look makes her heart beat faster. Who is that reckless and mysterious man? Is he just an old friend or an enemy?

Real Magik, Darkness Rising is YA Paranormal/Fantasy. Nevermore author Rebecca A. Wrigley has written this tale about Winifred or Fred Evers. Going on 16, pudgy, awkward, and painfully shy, she is hardly the stuff of teenage fantasy. Worse she has an uncanny knack for destruction, especially when she’s nervous. Then a talking cat walks into her life and changes it forever. His name is Oedipus and he’s sure Fred’s got something worth training in her. Some real magik. Children are disappearing from our reality and the supernatural. There are some that believe they’ve been taken to create a dark army that will shake both realities. The name they all whisper is Rath. Enlisting the help of her best and only friend, Nina, and a slightly disreputable genie, they take off to find ZoĆ«, Oedipus' owner.

Christy K. Cagle has written The Dream Travellers Society, one of Nevermore's Science Fiction offerings. Leanne is not your typical girl; she holds a secret that separates her from the rest. She is a  time traveler and it’s the Dream Travellers' destiny to protect the timeline at all cost. Leanne must fight every day to keep the balance, otherwise she faces dire consequences.

And most recently, Nevermore has released Desolation, the first book in the Mythical Madness series by A.R. DeClerck. The goddess of Love is dying. Plagued by the only illness that can kill a mythical creature, Lavinia's heart and soul are on the line. Desolation is the erasure of everything she is, and all that she might do. Gage Rebeau is the Asesino. A half-breed of god and were he was raised by the Fates to carry out their dirtiest deeds. Now, Gage is the only hope Lavinia has left. He might know the way to cure Desolation and restore her, but the road will be a long and dangerous one for them both. One thing is clear: sometimes love hurts.

We are lucky enough to have an excerpt of Desolation. Enjoy! And if you have a publisher that should be featured on Sunday Surprise, leave a comment!

They are beautiful. Swaying and grinding to the music. It has no lyrics, but it is a basic, primal beat that makes us all dance. I wander through them. I want them to love. I want to see the rush of desire as it pools in their eyes and in their bodies. There are so many.
I randomly dance among them, my touch inciting the fires of passion. They reach for each other. I don't care, woman to woman, man to man. They don't care either. Perhaps, before my power, they might have chosen differently, but I make it undeniable. The desire to hold, be held. The need to kiss, be kissed. I make them need it. Want it. I stand among them, smiling. This is love.
Suddenly, I see him across the dance floor and my own heart stops for a moment. The power even stumbles inside me, as if it's catching its breath. He is magnificent. He towers above them all, drawing my eyes to him. There is darkness in his eyes. It calls out to me, to my power. He needs us.
I start across the floor, parting the crowd. I knock away grasping hands and curse as they try to hold me.
He sees me then, and he is angry. I am struggling against the crowd as they undulate together. He is coming for me, pushing them out of his way. He parts them and pushes them away from me. His arms go around me and my power surges, shooting from me and toward him. He looks at me, holding me close to his side as he pulls me from the dance floor. My power cannot touch him. It rebounds on me, buckling my knees and making my world spin. He curses and picks me up, carrying me from the room. I hold on to him, the desire in my own blood a response to the power. It wants him. I want him.
He doesn't look at me. He puts me down on a chair and kneels before me. I grasp his face in my hands, trying to make him look at me. He pulls away. I cringe in pain as the power surges in anger. He is gripping the arms of the chair, the beat of the music in my ears and matching my heart.
He shakes his head, finally looking at me. I am mesmerized by his eyes. The power is straining against me, trying to reach him.