Thursday 26 February 2015

Thursday Taster: Pandora 4

This is a story that has grown from a 200 word short I wrote over a year ago. I'm posting it on WattPad, so you can find it there as well. Be sure to check out all the other tastes on the blog.

She closed her eyes and wished for another answer.
Tabitha didn't grant her wish. “Death-sleep. Your life force will be so low, so trifling, no one should find you here. And if they sense a spark of life, the dragon should deter them from bothering to find it.”
“I know, foster-mother. You wouldn't ask me to do this if it weren't necessary.” She had been spelled with the Death-sleep before, only for moments before Tabitha breathed the cocoa mist into her, waking her again. She hadn't been able to dream, hadn't been able to rest. It was dark and empty and she felt time slide by keenly. She couldn't sense anything outside her mental prison. She didn't know Tabitha had breathed into her until her mind raced and her eyes opened.
She had done the same to Tabitha, proving she could work the powerful magic. She remembered how vulnerable her teacher had seemed, how little life she could sense in her. It was truly as though she were dead. Pandora and quickly crushed the cocoa in her teeth and breathed into Tabitha's mouth to wake her. Her teacher asked if Pandora had tried to wake her and Pandora admitted she hadn't.
“Foolish girl,” Tabitha had said. “How can you know the strength of the magic if you don't test it. I know you tried to break from the sleep.”
She had and had been utterly trapped. Now she was to be put into that dreadful slumber again.
“Is there anything outside that is stronger than my will to break it from within?” she asked.
Tabitha grinned, crooked teeth yellow. “No, I don't imagine there is.”
“How long am I to sleep?” she asked, feeling her throat tighten and her words pitch high, almost a squeak.
“Oh, child, I wish I didn't have to do this. It won't be long, I promise. I will return as quickly as I am able. Your mother shouldn't need me long.”
Trying to calm herself she nodded. “I'd best eat if I'm to sleep long.” Although the process slowed her bodily functions to a near standstill, it would still need some energy to maintain itself.
“Yes. I will make your favourites tonight,” Tabitha promised, her over-large lips warm with a smile.
When Tabitha left, Pandora turned to Magnificent. “You'll protect me? Watch me while I sleep?”
“Sssorwy,” the dragon said.
“I wish you could sleep with me. It would be better to have company. I'll go mad if I'm locked there more than day. A day! A whole day? I don't think I can do it.” She covered her face in her hands and looked up as a weight landed in her lap.
“Wuff,” the fox said, touching his cool nose to hers.
“I love you, too.”
The bear didn't try to speak, but hunched in front of her, obviously on guard. The hare hopped circles around all of them. He made squeaking noises as he did. “Atch, atch, atch.” He would watch.
“Thank you, all of you.” She hugged and petted each one in turn, then went to kitchen to see about helping Tabitha with dinner.