Thursday 12 February 2015

Thursday Taster: Pandora 3

What is troubling Tabitha and Pandora? Men. Read the entire first chapter on WattPad, or wait for another taste next week! Be sure to check out all the other tastes on the blog.

“So, men. That's why mother brought me here, where I would have only you for company.”
Tabitha smiled, her worn and crinkled face still ugly, but friendlier. “Precisely. Now, Magnificent is still young, but he will be your familiar from now on. He will stay with you.”
She smiled and touched the dragon again. His head was over hers, but only by a few hands. “How much more will he grow?” Pandora asked.
“He will have to live in the garden and outside the fortress. He will grow very large, very quickly. He is like you, adolescent. This is when his growth will be exponential, until he is nearly as large as the fortress itself.
Pandora frowned. She liked having Magnificent her size, or nearly her size. She ran a hand down his scales, careful of the edges that would cut her. More smoke curled from his nose, wreathing her in red tendrils.
“I understand. The others?” she asked looking to the doorway where the hare, the fox and the bear all stood, peeking.
Tabitha snorted. “It seems they plan to stay as well. They will guard further out while Magnificent has the building.” She looked into the dragon's purple eyes and Magnificent blinked and lowered her head. Tabitha slipped a metal chain over her neck that hung with a turquoise stone. “You are tied here now,” she told the dragon. “You will not be able to leave without taking Pandora with you. You understand.”
“Yes.” The words was rasping and hissing. Magnificent's mouth and throat weren't built for speaking, but like all the familiars, he was intelligent and had learned basic words if one knew how to listen for them.
“Why?” Pandora asked. “Why is he chained here?” she touched the metal and snapped her hand back. The lead felt poisonous to her. Magnificent's scales should protect him.
“I must go. You mother has need of me and I owe her more than merely your safety and education. While I am gone, this place will not be secure. Magnificent and the others,” she nodded to the familiars in the hall, “will have to suffice. There is one more thing I can do to protect you.”
Pandora closed her eyes and wished for another answer.